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Trend Homes first time home buyers Testimonial

Trend Home Living Room 2

My husband and I are currently in the process of having a home built by Trend Homes. We are first time home buyers and happened upon their website by chance. We looked at the pictures and prices and thought it was too good to be true, so reluctantly, we decided to visit them at their site to see if they were for real. If you have visited the website for Trend Homes, then you have noticed a piece written about their “gem”. That gem is Jo. From the moment we met Jo, we felt at home. She has such a lovely personality and is extremely knowledgeable about the homes that they build. She answered every single one of our questions, she showed us some of the homes they built, and was gracious enough to show them to us again when we requested it. This woman is the epitome of patience and generosity. After meeting Jo and discussing our building options, we had the opportunity to meet one of the owners of Trend Homes – Pierre. Jo had told us that Pierre was an amazing man, and she didn’t lie. Again, we were treated like family and felt like we had found a home in the neighborhood. Our experience so far with Trend Homes has been wonderful. We are so happy and excited to be building with a company that is willing to go the extra mile (despite the extra cost to them) to build lasting, quality homes. If you want to be taken care of and treated like family, buy a house with Trend Homes. They make the decision making process easy!


Laura & Ajay Offrey

First time home buyers


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There is a gem at Trend Homes with a gift of selling


Joanne Bendera has been part of the Trend Homes family since they opened a few short months ago but she has already been making her mark within the company. Trend Homes is a small company known for delivering quality homes at a sensible price. They build their homes with high standards in mind and work towards delighting their customers.

Joanne herself has been in the business of selling for 11 years. She believes Trend Homes secret to success is rather simple. You build people quality homes at great prices and everyone is smiling. Trend Homes is pioneering their methods of home building as they start a trend of building the majority of the homes indoor. They keep their eye on trends and are willing to try new things and bring in innovative new products to use in the homes.  Most importantly they strive to have their customers happy, and they do this by continually getting input from designers, customers and industry professionals.  It’s rare in the industry to get to meet the owners of a building company and Trend Homes wants to be reachable for their customers. Continue reading